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Synod 2020 opens with Cathedral service

'A new day is breaking, a new dawn is rising.' Archbishop Malcolm McMahon opens Synod 2020 and commissions Synod members for their work. Full Story

Blessed are the poor ... and those that serve them

Pope Francis’ message for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on 11 February is that our volunteers embody the spirituality of the Good Samaritan. Full Story

From the Archbishop's desk: February 2019

Archbishop Malcolm reflects on the spirit of youthfulness in the Church – something that is noticeable both at local level and in Rome. Full Story

Cathedral diary: February 2019

Cathedral dean Canon Anthony O’Brien has the programme for February, starting with Candlemas and a Service of the Word to herald the Diocesan Synod. Full Story

Sunday thoughts: February 2019

With the Gospel for Sunday 3rd being an account of Jesus’ first sermon, Monsignor John Devine looks at Jesus' unique style of preaching. Full Story

On a liturgical note: February 2019

One of the notable ‘weekday’ feasts kept by the Liturgy in the month of February is that of the Chair of St Peter on the 22nd Full Story

Union of Catholic Mothers: February 2019

Madelaine McDonald has news of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations as well as a preview of Women's World Day of Prayer on 1 March. Full Story

We should be listening, not just speaking, in prayer

How often is our prayer more a case of 'My will be done' than it is about 'Thy will be done', wonders Catholic Pic columnist Moira Billinge. Full Story

Knights of St Columba: February 2019

The KSC have embarked upon a year-long ‘Rosary for the Unborn’ campaign in tandem with the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC). Full Story

Gospel for Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Gospel from Luke (6:17, 20-26) recounts Jesus' Sermon on the Plain, which cuts against the pursuit of more rather than less. Full Story