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On a liturgical note: Lent
Lent is a 40-day period of searching for that purity of living that will enable us to experience more deeply Christ in our lives.

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Pastoral Letter: Sunday 10 March 2019

Watch, read and download

Archbishop Malcolm's

Pastoral Letter

for the First Sunday of Lent

10 March 2019

Synod 2020: Everything you need to know

Visit the Synod 2020 website in preparation for the landmark event taking place next year in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

This mine of content includes the latest related news, Archbishop Malcolm's pastoral letters, as well as key liturgical resources.

Bishops engagements

What the week holds for Archbishop Malcolm and Bishops Tom and Vincent.

Sunday thoughts

'The best things in life are free,' writes Mgr John Devine, 'and best of all is God’s love.'

Cathedral diary

Cathedral dean Canon Anthony O’Brien has the programme for March.

Read Sunday's Gospel

The Parable of the Fig Tree concerns God's mercy and the call to repent and bear fruit.

A seminarian writes...

Wonersh-based seminarian Peter Murphy discusses the Flame 2019 youth event.

Pastoral associates

Joanne Wallace explains her role working in parishes in the Upholland pastoral area.

Latest from Animate

Ciara offers us a reflection for each of the four Sundays of Lent during March.

A lesson in kindness and compassion

'We learned a very important lesson that day, about the miserable consequences that thoughtlessness, lack of charity, gossip and bullying bring.'

Columnist Moira Billinge recalls a teacher's passionate defence of a vulnerable classmate.

From the archives

The first Synod held in this diocese, way back in 1853, consisted only of the clergy.

J&P Lenten resource

The Justice and Peace Commission Lent resource is available to download.

Donate to Jospice

St Joseph's Hospice is appealing for any unwanted furniture to be donated.

Easter card campaign

Get all the information you need in order to send Easter cards to the Holy Land.

The Word of the Lord

Listen to the latest Sunday Gospel reading via the site

Knights St Columba

Pupils at a Malawi primary school are enjoying the benefits of KSC fundraising.

Sunday reflection

Take time to read our special weekly reflection for every Sunday of the liturgical year.

Safeguarding e-learning

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has worked with EduCare to create an e-learning package that raises awareness in the Catholic community.

It is part of the Church’s commitment to safeguarding, and is available for free.

Lowdown on GDPR

Everything you need to know about the Archdiocese of Liverpool and GDPR.

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Bring the merciful love of Christ as a life-giving balm to those troubling new forms of poverty and vulnerability increasingly evident in contemporary society

Pope Francis speaking ahead of ‘The Day of Life.’

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