Volunteering, DBS eligibility, and Role Descriptions

Volunteering, DBS eligibility, and Role Descriptions

The Catholic Church is blessed with many volunteers who work hard to keep our parish communities thriving and active.

Some roles will be working directly with children, young people and vulnerable adults; and will therefore require volunteers to undergo a DBS check before they undertake that role. The Parish Safeguarding Rep will discuss your role with you, and decide if you need a DBS check.

There are different levels of DBS checks depending on your role – this can be to checking you for a role with a child, a role with an adult, or both. Legally we can only check you for the role you are undertaking. Here is a list of the Roles eligible for a DBS certificate.

If you have volunteered to take on a role for the church, your contribution is very much valued and it is important that you understand your role and what you will be expected to do. Please select your role, or the role you are interested in from the list below:

Asylum Seeker Support Worker


Bereavement Team Member

Childrens Liturgy Catechist


Eucharistic Minister

Hospital Visitor

Lay Funeral Ministers

Music Leader - Choir

Parish Catechist

Parish Safeguarding Rep

Parish Visitor

Parish Youth Worker

Parish MC - Altar Server Coordinator