First Steps

The Diocesan Vocations Director, Father Ron Johnson is available to help you to discern whether the Lord is indeed asking you to be His priest. He is available to meet with you and to assist you in this discernment. Having met with Father Ron, he will advise you of the various ‘tools of discernment;’ such as the ‘Responding to the Call’ days organised for those contemplating priesthood in the Archdiocese, individual spiritual direction to help you in your prayer life and open days at the seminary.
Usually, this period of discernment is an opportunity to deepen your prayer and sacramental life, take up practical experiences of helping others and get to know like-minded men exploring the possibility of priesthood. This period is a time when with the help of others, in prayer and through different experiences, you can begin to understand what a call to the priesthood entails and prayerfully appreciate whether it is what you feel called to.
Contacting Father Ron does not mean that you are committed to becoming a priest; it is merely an opportunity to begin to explore what God’s plan for you may be.