Resources for Synod Sunday: 21 October 2018

Liturgy pack available here

Synod Sunday, 21 October 2018: Liturgy Pack (PDF)
Synod Sunday, 21 October 2018: Liturgy Pack (Word)

Over the weekend of 20th and 21st October we begin the next stage of our Synod journey as Synod Sunday is celebrated around the archdiocese.       
This liturgy pack has been produced for the occasion containing ideas for the liturgy together with various resources to highlight Synod Sunday with displays and decoration in church.
There will also be a pastoral letter from Archbishop Malcolm for Synod Sunday and information leaflets will be distributed in all parishes and schools.

The full list of contents is:

Preparing for Synod Sunday
  • Notes for Newsletters
  • Preparing the Church
  • Primary School Project
  • Footprints Template
Mass for Synod Sunday
  • Introduction to Mass
  • Penitential Act
  • Prayers of the Faithful
  • Music
  • Psalm Setting
Other Resources
  • Words of Pope Francis
  • Leaflet & Poster
  • Pastoral Letter