Volunteer Opportunities

Marriage preparation

Our marriage preparation course facilitators are trained to deliver specially designed short (one-day) courses called Preparing Together to groups of couples. We will give you full training and support so that you are confident and qualified to deliver the course. In return we ask you to co-lead two marriage preparation courses a year.

Please contact Maureen O'Brien 0151 522 1044 Email m.obrien@rcaol.co.uk

Marriage and Family Life representatives

We have vacancies in the following Pastoral areas.



Job description

 Marriage and Family Life representatives
  • Will be a contact for the pastoral area, receiving marriage and family life resources from the Archdiocesan coordinator Maureen O’Brien.
  • Will be asked to display relevant information on the church notice board or ask for it to be included in the parish newsletter.
  • Will conduct an audit of all parishes in the pastoral area, identifying a parish contact; the parish contact will then receive all relevant information to advertise in their parish.  
  • Will be supplied with business cards displaying their contact details. These cards are to be displayed at the back of each church and in school foyers.
  •  Will hold details of local and national support, enabling them to be a signpost for those who need help and assistance.Will be asked to help coordinate a local meeting as we look to develop the marriage and family life ministry throughout the Archdiocese. 
To apply: Please contact your parish priest.

Bereavement Care

A basic training course is available to help parishes set up bereavement care teams. In two sessions the course covers the stages of grief, listening skills and how to get started, and teams will be offered continuing support.

Please contact: Maureen O’Brien Tel: 0151 522 1044 email m.obrien@rcaol.co.uk

Divorced - Separated - Bereaved

A training course is available to give support and comfort to those experiencing the results of the breakdown of a marriage, a long term relationship or bereavement.
Groups are open to Catholics and other Christians and to anyone who feels the sessions may be helpful.
For further information please contact:  Maureen O’Brien 0151 522 1044 Email: m.obrien@rcaol.co.uk