Ecumenism Commission

2019 update

The Ecumenism Commission is set up to serve the archbishop, archdiocesan bodies, pastoral areas and parishes by reflecting on ecumenical issues, offering advice and information, and promoting theological reflection, education and ecumenical activities.

Archdiocesan Ecumenical Officer: Mr Ultan Russell PEP Chair, 24 Borromeo Close, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 7DS Tel 07398 156481 Email

Members: Mrs Anne Atherton, Mr Steve Atherton, Rev Denis Blackledge SJ, Mr Paul Crossey, Miss Claire Davidson, Rev Mgr John Devine OBE, Miss Marie-Therese Lacey, Dr Paul Rooney, Mr John Smartt, Sr Margaret Walsh SND, Mrs Monica Weld-Richards, Rt Rev Thomas Williams VG